Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something that I just have to share...

This comes from the one and only Baikinage Overkill, the great one herself, so I can't even claim that I found it in my treasure trove, aka, the retirement fund, of art magazines that live in plastic tubs in our basement waiting to be sold as gay ephemera when they turn 50.

What I love about this is it is at once "undetectable", much like they claim Depends are, and yet it is designed to draw attention to one's, assets.   PLUS it advertises a bigger male "package" for just a few more kopeks more.

Wouldn't a low fat diet and some exercise be just as effective?


  1. Why diet or exercise when you can have "those pumped-up masculine buns instantly"..? Jx

  2. And wouldn't a sock plump up your package without costing you a thing?

    Asking for a friend ....

  3. shouldn't you be wearing these, parading in front of the house you want to sell?

    1. "now that's a pretty picture." ~ Gloria Upson