Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I am having another one of my sick headaches...

...here with the family in Massachusetts.

These trips are killing me.  They are starting to take a toll, I tell you.

Mostly we get here, eat a ton of junk (food is our medication of choice here in Wellesley) and we sit around and wait.

Serious, Godot will be here soon, I am sure.

MIL continues that long, slow voyage into the twilight of reality.   And now that she is in a home, our visits are essentially the same:

Mom: "When did you get here?"
Us: "We got into today."
Mom: "I know you both."
Us: "Yes, you do."
Mom: "When did you get here?

Tomorrow is her birthday, so we'll have lunch together, then we'll come back home.

But it's the sitting around driving me crazy.   There are only so many times you can go to the mall.  Or the grocery store.  Or the hardware store, with suspicions being raised along with some eyebrows.

Lots of people have invited us to see their homes when we are here, but the thing is - when you are staying with family, you "STAY" with the family.   You stay, and clock slows down to a c-r-a-w-l.

But I love the husband and I am his moral support.  So my place is by his side, simmering.  And good lucking wrestling TV remote away from the "Flipper-In-Law".

I do, however, get to use the many favors that I am accruing by sitting here.  Like getting to pick where we eat.

So here I sit, getting my sick headaches.  Counting the hours until we return to home, and the next dinner meal.

Here's hoping the clock starts running faster and clear traffic tomorrow.


  1. Good Grief..............a new home, selling the old one and this to deal with! Sounds like an Excedrin headache for sure. You're doing the right thing which is also the hard thing. I admire you for it and will murmur some prayers for strength and patience for you both.

  2. wish i were home so we could visit.

  3. When I have to be physically present, but no one is interested in what I have to say, I mentally wander off. I tell myself stories, long evolved ones, with more twists and turns than a soap opera. Or I clean my closets and drawers, deciding what really and honestly needs to go, and sometimes when I do get home, finally, I can clean them in a snap, cause I've already done the hard work of deciding. And then you could sit and quietly list the places for hubby to take you to dinner, or the movies, etc.

  4. Husband Points are much like Amex Points and Bitcoin - you can accrue tons of the, but rarely are worth a thing.