Sunday, October 13, 2013

I'm a ramblin' man

At least someone has some excitement in their lives.

Since it's been a while, I thought I would just kind of use DHTiSH to just kind of ramble...

Out of Town Visitors

The husband's brother and sister came for a visit - their first since we've moved here.  We were able to turn my office into a guest room - we had our doubts given its small size and layout, but the inflatable twin just snuggled into the slight alcove of the room.   We gave that room to BiL.

SiL got the Husband's office and the inflatable queen platform bed, which meant the dogs slept with us, which means we got little or no sleep.  Kevin is a bed hog and rocky will just pounce on you in the middle of the night like a cat will.

The visit was really wonderful, and not just because they can read this (if they can find it) but because they have hosted us every time we go out and it was nice to take care of them for once.  And I really like them both, which makes it fun as well.

But that brings me to...

It Rained All Weekend

We had all sorts of plans for them, including a segway tour of Baltimore.  Well the weather, AND the Baltimore Marathon got in the way by closing streets everywhere.

First it rained and rained and rained and rained some more.  The sun would poke itself through the clouds to remind us that it was still there, and then it would start to rain anew.

It rained in the morning, afternoon and evening, and for good measure, it rained all night, too.

And when did it stop? It stopped when the BiL and SiL left to fly back to Boston.

The Baltimore Marathon doesn't have a winners purse - no big money for those who win, just glory and a mylar blanket.  So the Kenyon's don't bother to enter.  Seriously, that is what they said on the news.  So the winner this year, out of 16,000 runners was a local Owings Mills high school teacher, which I thought was kinda cool.

While we were sad to see the BiL and the SiL go, we could get in back into our behavioral patterns of farting and belching in our own house.  I for one was happy I could get back to my computer again...

Until the Computer Broke

Thats right chicken's, more computer angst.

When I was having the operating system reloaded in August, the computer geek said he was concerned about my Power button on the Dell, because it didn't work for him.  Well it worked fine for me.  And so did the computer for that matter until I pressed the On button this morning and it just went "click" and nothing happened. And over twenty minutes of plugging, unplugging and replugging things nothing from the computer.  The power supply was fine, but so much as a beep.

I am happy to report that I remained calm and didn't freak out.  I knew it was a hardware issue and that meant my data was safe.  And my last backup was last month, so I would just lose a little bit of stuff, not a lot.

So we unhooked it took it back to the Geeks and the lad said "We have to send hardware issues out, should have it back in two weeks."  So I begged him to jiggle some wires and try it again and HOLY SMOKES!  It booted!  Upon leaving the store we considered ourselves lucky.

So tonight I'll back it up again, take it back to the geeks and let them send it off and replace the button.

So that is what is going on in my corner of heaven.  Hows by you?


  1. Rain (our garden looks like a bomb's hit it) and computer problems (second hard drive dead, and still the dvd refuses to work at the same time as the rest of the inner gubbins) are all-too familiar here, too, my dear, but at least you had the diversion of guests for a while...

    Welcome back! Jx

    1. Round two of out of town guests arrive on Friday! Hopefully, it won't rain on their parade like it did on the marathon.

  2. Rain here too. And wind (of the non-biological kind). Oh, and a lightbulb exploded in the kitchen, but that's the extent of electrickery (so far...).

    I hope you get your pooter back quickly!

  3. we could get in back into our behavioral patterns of farting and belching in our own house

    I remember, as a young Mistress back in the mists of time, when I actually believed that homosexuals must fart and belch less often than straight men. I don’t know what gave me THAT idea. Boy was I wrong!

    1. Its good to have you back. And I trumpeting your return.

  4. A Dell computer?! You said a Dell computer and you are a blogger. You had better replace that toaster soon because your troubles are only beginning.