Friday, April 19, 2013

To better times.

The husband's family is in the Boston Metro area and this past week have been very stressful.

I know the in-laws are safe, but at 91 and 89 I have to wonder what this is doing to them.  My brother in laws's mother lived in Watertown, but we haven't heard anything.  No news is good news.

AND to add insult to injury, I popped a case of diverticulitis last night and am in physical pain.

So I am going to take the dogs to daycare and hunker down here.  Things will get better and they will get this man.  But this isn't easy to live through.

No fun.


  1. Get well, Cookie.

    I made the mistake of Googling a photo of diverticulitis.

  2. I am glad your in-laws are well and safe. This kind of insanity is just obscene and timeless. If you walk down Wall Street today, at least one building still shows scars from a 1920 bombing that killed more than 30 people, so it really has been going on for years. There are too many insane people out there who wish to inflict harm on helpless, innocent people.

    And ugh, diverticulitis. That can be brutal. So sorry! Feel better soon.

  3. Get well soon.
    And it's nice to know that the week of crazy in Boston seems to have come to an end.