Thursday, April 4, 2013

29 to 70 in 5 Days

As all of you know, Winter 2013 refuses to go away.

I, for one, know that when a ground hog predicts early spring, it usually means the jinx is on, and time to bundle up.

Why else would a ground hog get up in the middle of the freaking winter?  To eat something thats why.  Something innate is telling him "you better get up and eat because this winter isn't going away and you need more body fat to get through it, you handsome devil."

Anyway, its been cold, rainy and generally uncooperative over much of North America.

Then, about two weeks ago, husband comes home and announces that the weathermen employed by his employer had come round with their latest extended weather forecast, because these things impact Husband's job, and these goons are saying that by mid-April the weather patterns are going to flip, and fast.

And these goons are usually correct.

So imagine my surprise when we got up at 6AM today and noted it was a brisk 29 degrees out here in northern Baltimore (City) County.   DAMN!  Yesterday the low was in the forties!

Imagine my even greater surprise when I checked out the Weather Channel and the forecast temperature for Monday is 70 flipping degrees!

Let the spring come forth, Cookie, the Husband, Rocky and Kevin are ready.

In the meantime, here's my other boyfriend, Carlos Ponce, to warm you up right now:


  1. I have my own Carlos to heat things up around here, but a little Ponce would be welcome today, when it's in the 40s, but not this Sunday when it's in the 80s.
    Climate change? Schmimate change.

  2. Are you even allowed to call them "weathermen" these days?

    Don't they all like to be addressed now as "meteorologists?"

    1. He has never spoken of weather babes, just the men.