Saturday, April 13, 2013

Picture challenge: Write the personal ad for this picture

From the "Celebrities Made Under" - a project to make celebrities look like real people we bring you that international superstar, Madonna as she could look if she were a normal run of the mill Wal Mart shopper

Your challenge is to write a personals ad for the woman in this picture.  What would be Madonna's aspirations, hobbies and avocations if she were the woman in the picture?


  1. SWF 50+ seeks SWM to 65. I love life! And cats, good music (Kenny G and Yanni 4evah!), and Jesus. Hobbies include scrapbooking, collectibles, and cooking up my trademark marshmallow-tuna casserole 4 the right guy! Divorced, kids ok (I have 4). Ur photo gets mine.

  2. I was thinking:

    SWW, 54, is looking for soul mate. I enjoy making hardanger embroidery, cooking with my crockpot and watching Dancing With the Stars. I teach ceramics to seniors, and collect sea shells from Myrtle Beach. YOU are close in age to me, have a steady job, drive an American made car and are looking for that special woman to be your lady.

  3. SCWF, 54, looking for companion or marriage or both. Love yard sales, flee markets and early bird dinners at fine dining establishments what has them little umbrellas in the drinks. I like to do things with my hands specially crocheting africans. Kids, guns and pit bulls ok.

    (I swear my 6'tall, beer swilling, chain smoking, truly frightening late mother-in-law, who crocheted with the lunacy of Madam Defarge, called afghans "africans" lol)

  4. love this photo.

    i can't write an ad, but i think in this
    given state, her #1 aspiration
    might be getting a perm
    (for some well-needed body) and
    searching for a cream that might help
    reignite the jaw line that
    fled oh so many moons ago.

  5. Single, White, MILF, Post-Menopausal, Cougar seeking young hot physical Latin men. I am 54, look 34, OK, maybe 44. Deeply spiritual person, recovering Catholic, who studies the Kabbalah. Very physical fit, from doing Pilates everyday. Sometimes just “a Material Girl,” but can act “Like a Virgin.” I think I can sing, dance, and act. My friends say I sing OK; I dance by rolling around on the floor, so you can see my underwear; but I can't act my way out of a wet paper bag. I like to re-invent myself every few years, and accuse younger, less talented women, of stealing from me. I just loathe Hydrangeas and David Letterman.