Thursday, January 17, 2013

Taylor Swift is probably going to write a nasty song about Adele, now.


Because Adele got the award that Taylor feel she deserved for her "Safe & Sound" from Hunger Games. 

Watch and study Taylor Swift's face.

That is the face of a vindictive scheming little bitch.  And Taylor is seething while the fabulous Adele accepts the award for her work on Skyfall at the Golden Globes.  You can just hear her little puny chicken sized mind just trying to think of the words that rhyme with "you took the award that should have been mine, bee-otch."  And that's the way that Taylor rolls.

Taylor feeds off  revenge and we have no time for that.  Taylor "thinks" she fabulous.

But she isn't.  She's just bony. We also don't find her the least bit entertaining.  (And neither does Ethel Kennedy, who is too well brought up to mention it, we are willing to bet.)

And men are kinda afraid of Taylor, and for good reason. Two dates and she'll buy a house down the road from yours. And if you break it off with her because she can be a bit smothering, she'll exact revenge by writing a song about what a loser you are.

So Taylor came to the awards alone.  And she left alone, without an award.

But the fabulous and talented, luscious and curvy Adele again reminds us why we'd love to buy her a drink and just chat with her fabulous self.  Adele is flawless, but she isn't arrogant. She is, as my grandmother would say "good people."

And don't you love how Adele "brought my friend Ida" for a girls night out because "we both had babies"?  Now that's a real friend.  It also tells me that Adele knows who she is because she doesn't need a trophy anything define who she is at the moment.

And we hope she'll be with us a great long while.


  1. Yer preachin' to the choir!

    Taylor's face says it all, and it ain't purty.

    Adele, on the other hand, is and always will be faboosh!

  2. I hadn't seen this, but I agree about Taylor's face. Adele really is fabulous, isn't she?

  3. Adele just makes me feel better. It's proven that she makes life better in fact.