Friday, January 4, 2013

Creepy Christmas Commercials, Take 2

Now that we have seen what happens when siblings drink Folger's coffee, lets take up this good idea, gone horribly awry.  The US Postal Service wanted to advertise how easy it is to use Priority Mail to make a return:


Again, a Christmas commercial.  Watch, and then answer the following questions:

1) Why would a man wear an ugly Christmas Sweater?
2) Is this man straight or gay?
3) How gay is he?
4) Define "totally gay".
5) Who would send someone that sweater?
6) Who would send it to a man?
    BONUS: How could there be two of that sweater in the world?
7) Isn't the house a bit too clean and orderly?
8) Does he dye his hair, or his beard? Both?
9) When the postal employee sees the man in the sweater, what is the man in the sweater's reaction?
10) Watching seconds 16 through 21, is the man in the sweater blushing?
11) In the same time frame, is the man in the sweater flirting?
12) Is the man in the sweater hoping this is a love connection?
13) Do you feel you are watching something terribly personal between these two?
13) Does the postal employee share the same fetish?
14) When the man in the sweater says thank you, do you sense his feeling of relief?
15) How long does their Down Low relationship last?
16) If forever, how long until they get cats together?


  1. Click here to see who sent the sweater to him.

  2. sheesh...this was the most boring gay porn I've ever seen.

  3. Watch it again and ask how many bodies the man in the sweater has buried in his basement.

  4. I for one thing it's good to see the bear community finally represented in the (non-porn) media.