Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Skyrockets at night

Last night the husband and I (and the whole north end of the City of Baltimore) were treated to a non-stop thirty minute fireworks show that was launching about a quarter mile from our house.  We literally stood in the front doorway and watched one right after another being launched.

And it was perfect weather for this kind of show - cold (good for height) crisp and low humidity.

Columbus, Ohio brags that their Fourth of July Red, White and Boom - which draws about 800,000 people into downtown Columbus - is the biggest show east of the Mississippi.  And it is a massive show coordinated to music.

But last night topped it, though without the music.  Several times we said "this must be the finale" but they just kept coming - huge purple and orange chrysanthemums, shimmering silver cascades, hoops, bangers and tiered umbrellas of blue, pink, dark red and green.

The husband and I have never seen deep orange and purple fireworks.  Most places just do the white, pink and green, which are the least expensive colors.

This show was expensive - well into six figures.  These shells went high and the amount of color and lasting color was jaw dropping. But when you get into the deep oranges and really red reds, and the multiple big mums off one shell, its gets pricey.

When they did get to the finale it was five minutes of silvery curtain shells, starting very high, and each one successively lower. These were followed by a barrage of big mums and a lot of noise.

Our street was parked up with cars that pulled over to watch.

We all guessed it had to have something to do with Ravens in Super Bowl, although no one seemed to have a fore knowledge that it was going to happen.

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  1. Wow.. I love a free light and sound show!
    THe only saddness is that it's a lot of money to be going up in smoke! But still your description makes it sound spectacular...

    It's funny... This year the local council claimed tht they had no budget for the huge decorated christmas tree that goes up every year and caled for public/ corporate donations after public outcry.... No restraint seemed evident for their 2 millon spent on fireworks for new year and then repeated for Australia day

    I guess these things are a matter of priority!