Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishes for the New Year 2013

Instead of the usual lists about how fabulous this blogger has been over the past twelve months, and we know I have been fabulous, don't we, I'm going to list my top three wishes for 2013.

Now mind you, these are things that I know have a snowballs chance in Hell of happening, still they are my wishes:

1. Kim and Kanye need to go away.  They need to fade off into the pop culture boneyard and keep company with Paris Hilton.  Its time for something just as vapid to take their place.  I am sure that when you strip away all the hype, they are humans.  But they need to be replaced with something more entertaining or talented or BOTH.  Sadly, we all know that once the news media gets tired of Kim and Kanye, they are going to find something as equally vapid and tiresome to jam down our throats.

2. Someone with an interest in Wikipedia need to remove this image of Rosalind Russell from her biography and replace it with something that really shows her joy of life.  This picture was a still from her first movie, and no one, Save for Queen Elizabeth I looks good in a ruff neckline.

How about this, instead:

There, now, isn't that better?

3. I need to find one of these and make it my own.  It's a Philco Golden Anniversary refrigerator.  Pull the "V" on the left side down, and the door opens on the left.  Pull it down on the right, and the door opens on the right,  Stylish, and sensible.  Then I need the great room to house it in.

4. I wish for a black 1965 Impala Convertible like my mom had, down to the plain old hubcaps like this one has.  For sentimental reasons, I need this car.

Those are my wishes, what are yours?

Have a Happy New Years Eve, and be safe darlings!


  1. I love that fridge! I wish everything had such a clever handle

    Happy 2013 to you too!

  2. Good call on RR! I vote for a picture of her as Sylvia in The Women:

  3. sounds like the car is the most likely. do it.

    1. I tear up every time I see a picture of a black Impala like that. I miss my mother so much. Ad we had such happy times in that car.

    2. And memories are golden. Your mom would want you to smile when you remember them. Moms are like that, yeah they are.

      My mom would want me to live "freer" as she'd say to me when I wore '80s makeup (yeah, THOSE days). My wishes always turn into dreams, dreams to reality, reality to prayer, prayer into gratefulness, despite what may come, I'm alive, you know?

  4. Hello Cookie, You are exactly right about those Wikipedia pictures--it is an incredible resource, but the do seem to go out of their way to find the worst pictures of everything.

    When I fist saw that refrigerator, I thought you were showing us a miniature that was a clock.

    Happy New Year 2013!
    --Road to Parnassus

  5. Rosalind’s rocking the Blackadder look.

    May all your dreams come true, Cookie.

  6. I'm with you on Kim and Kanye, but mostly Kim because I hate her, and those like her - meaning females with ginormous, humongous posteriors. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that refrigerator! That is freaking ingenious! Love your pic of Roz. I hope 2013 brings you wonderful things and I hope it brings me EMPLOYMENT!


  7. Getting caught up on ma blogs, darling. I wish you a very happy 2013! If you find that fridge before I do, I'm going to have to come to your house and pull on that "V handle!" (Not a euphemism.) That refrigerator is marvelous! WANT!

  8. I am unsure if you watch E! but apparently they're trying to sell Kim and Kanye as "American Royalty" by comparing them with William and Kate. Husband and I are more than a little disgusted by it.....