Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rocky and Kevin Meet Santa Paws

Rocky and Kevin have been very good dogs this year. They've been real troopers when its come down to all the upheaval in their lives. With the two of us been in a state of flux, the pups have been on their best behavior.  This includes leading up to the Husband starting his new job, living with me in Columbus, putting up with the open houses, the eight hour car trip to Baltimore, the moving and helping to establish a new routine.

Santa is bringing them toys and a new custom built fence (as soon as as the design is approved by the neighborhood association, too) for the back yard!  The fence will help keep them in and safe, and keep out the other dogs, cats and fox (yes, we have foxes) so we don't have to worry about them darting off into places unknown.  So they will finally get to be outside with us and play.


  1. Santa's ball is resting on Kevin's head.

    I love this photo sooooooooooo much.

  2. What cute little troopers!
    I'm happy santa's getting them a fence, they'll love it.

  3. oh my god! How cute!
    Though Santa looks happier than they do.

  4. Well, THIS made my day.

    Note to Norma: Isn't it time for more Corgi pics?