Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Winners, Losers and Assholes

I am trying to enjoy today and savor it because it isn't often that the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Homophobia, Misogyny and the Koch Brothers are dealt a great big FUCK YOU!

FIRST, while I am happy that our President has won another term, I am proud to say that Maryland (that's us), Maine and Washington citizens stood up against bigotry and fear to make US history by approving same sex marriage measures and make it an equality for all night.   In Minnesota they didn't go that far, but they did keep safe the language of the state constitution from language that would have forbidden same sex unions.   Instead of living in a state where progress is a bad word (Ohio) we are proud to call Maryland our home.

SECONDLY, the President won the election.  YAY!

THIRDLY, Mitt Romney conceded graciously.  Had the Mitt Romney who appeared last night in the concession speech been the Romney who was running for President, he would have been giving a victory speech. I wouldn't have voted for him, but he would have connected with so many other voters.

Brian WIlliams got the line of the night when he said "There's a whole lot of weed on the ballot."

In other matters, there was loads of good news...

Elizabeth Warren, WON

Marcy Kaptur, WON


Todd Akin, LOST

Allen West, LOST

Joe the Plumber, LOST

Linda McMahon, LOST

Koch Brothers, LOST

Tea Party, mortally wounded.  Seriously, the rage filled Tea Party was dealt what I think is a death blow.  Outrage can win mid-terms, but it can't carry national elections.

And then there was:

Rush Limbaugh, in SHOCK

Karl Rove, in SHOCK and begging FOXNews not to call Ohio for Obama

Brian Williams mocking Donald Trump for being irrational (Look for NBC to announce that the March 2013 season of Celebrity Apprentice is the last, or they move it to USANetwork.)

Ann Romney now has to go back to grocery shopping with "you people" when she isn't knitting the names of people people who turned on her husband Willard.


  1. Oh, if I never hear the name "Trump" again I will be at peace.

  2. only black moment of last night?


    (quite happy for yous that MD did what she did!)

  3. Well..Romney did give a gracious speech (written by someone else of course), but did you notice at the end he snarkily said that "...they'd be praying for Obama?" as if ONLY the Republican prayers are heard by God, and that the Obamas are in such disrepair they need help because they're clueless and stupid? Reminds me of the SNL Church Lady. Sanctimonious, and so out of touch about WHO is really voting at the polls these days. SURPRISE! When you seek to EXCLUDE the body of voters who are coming to America to SUCCEED, and GO TO COLLEGE and VOTE, you LOSE!!!

  4. Congratulations from a Canadian. Thankfully, you pulled if off. We up here are grateful as we have our own political problems to contend with. I have a quote a friend sent me (source unknown as it's been "re-tumbled" dozens of times) which made me laugh and cry at the same time.

    "It is so frustrating to be a Canadian. You are affected by USA politics nearly as much as as they are but have no say in the elections. It’s like being a Siamese twin to an angry, self destructive alcoholic with a gun fetish."

    If you haven't heard this one before, no disrespect intended to our neighbours to the south we love and enjoy the analogy.


    1. Add Tourette's Syndome and that sums up the most vocal Americans ;-)

  5. Being In Maryland right now must just feel great for you & hubby!

  6. Yes ... the Right Wing took one in the shorts and they're reeling from the shock. I guess THE PEOPLE really did speak and they didn't say what the Right wanted to hear. It must be very difficult to admit that GOD is not on your side after all. HE'S ON OURS! LOL! ROTFL!