Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ralph Giles, my hero

I would like to introduce you to Ralph Giles, my new hero.  If I still had rose bushes, I would cut the flowers, collect the rose petals and throw them at his feet.

Why do I love Ralph Giles?

Giles, who is head of product design for Chrysler has finally had enough of Donald Trump, and told Trump off.

After being ignored by President Obama (Trump proclaimed that "I will donate $5 million dollars to the charity of President Obama's choice blah, blah, blah..."), Trump had to get involved with Mitt Romney's false claim that Chrysler was getting ready to shift Jeep production out of Ohio and send it to China and that it was Obama who sold Chrysler out to the Italians who doing this dastardly deed, and said the following from his Twitter account:

"Obama is a terrible negotiator. He bails out Chrysler and now Chrysler wants to send all Jeep manufacturing to China--and will!"

Anyone with an ounce of brains and Google could look up and see that Chrysler has been building products, like Jeep, in China since the 1990s.  And we know that the Chinese love buying products with American names, and that China is a huge market.  But if one looks further, they would also see that Chrysler plants are now at full capacity in the U.S.

Giles, evidently was as sick and tired of Donald Trump as the rest of America - seriously, is there anyone who can even look at him scowling anymore without thinking that he's an asshat - and tweeted back:

@realdonaldtrump you are full of shit!

And that is why I think that Ralph Giles needs to be my hero.  Because he speaks the truth.


  1. and he's cute too!

    Just sayin'

  2. Well, SOMEBODY had to say it!

    1. We've all been thinking it. Ralph Gilles for President.

  3. HERE HERE! I cannot tell you how I wish I could get close enough to Trump to shove a freaking sock in his mouth. UGH!!!!