Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A case of gratuitous flesh


You all know that I never post gratuitous flesh on DHTiSH, but as my birthday is Thursday  and I will be FIFTY, and how did this ever happen, I figured I was allowed ONE lapse in my policy.

But note, no nudity - not even a glance at naughty bits - and we all know how Mr. Peenee love him some naughty bits.  This blog is still PG.

Think of this just as a centerpiece for the moment. Never had anything like this on Thanksgiving. Usually it was carnations and greenery, sandwiched between two turkey candlestick holders that my aunt made "at Cermanics".

And frankly, I've looked all over the manscape and can't find one just like Mr. Yummy here.  If you are having him, the husband and I would love an invitation to seconds.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Mine was relatively painless, but then it didn't land on Thanksgiving either...

    Just imagine Mr. Yummy holding your candlestick and everything will be just fine!

  2. As crazy as the oversexed kids are these days you couldn't hope to get a PG rating on this. It's strickly G. Though they may get a little grossed out by the hirsuteness of the above; I think puberty these days comes with its own body hair removal kit!

    Happy 50 youngster....

  3. oh my goodness! Happy early birthday!!!!!!!!

    (And I like that "Cermanics", rather a nice name for a porn site, don't you think?)

  4. You just KNOW I have some cake waiting for you.