Saturday, October 1, 2011

From "That Girl" to that ghoul

You have to hand it to Norma Desmond.  Leaves the door open for others.

Late 1950s, all original.

So I should note that someone got it right.

1960, The nose is planed, and the bridge smoothed.

But I have to wonder how he got it right so fast?

The hair gets a grown-up redo (ca. 1963) in the Italian sytle.

Hagia Sophia is the name of the massive Catholic Church in Istanbul.  But that was a red herring for Drewbie.

1964: That Girl is born with a flip and bangs.

 and Jason is our winner!

But this storry is a cautionary one as well as a contest.

"Gypsies Tramps and Theives" style becomes That Woman, 1970. 

We have to stay fashionable, right? Longer hair and now good girl Ann Marie starts reaching for a look.
Notice her exposed zipper on the boot? 
That's fashion for you.  And those boots, probably plastic.

We all age, and when your looks are your career, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl has to do:

The "soft" focus era begins followed by some more nose surgery focusing on making
 her nostrils less noticeable, which means they are now more noticeable.
But our face still has a twinkle on it because who would think thta botox would smooth out lines and  keep one from having a natural face?

And then it happens...

But our nose starts to look pinched.  That happens when we have more work done. 
Little slits for nostrils.  One day we have a little Botox, and then one day you get a lot:

Unable to find the muscle control that even Helen Hayes had in her 80s, our That Girl is 
unable to smile with her face, now devoid of those "laugh lines" that give character and show wisdom.
Her nostrils have been flattened within an inch of her life and the line of her nostrils is now crooked.

So lets look at the progression again, shall we?

In summary...
There you have it, Marlo Thomas, from That Girl to that ghoul.

Thanks to all you played!


  1. Amazing! Except for the teeth, I never would have guessed that most of these were the same woman.

  2. You know?

    You go, "That Girl!'

    It perpetuates the myth.

    Got to be hard to live with PHIL!


  3. I had always thought Marlo Thomas was so beautiful. I think she looks amazing even in the first picture. It's really quite a striking transformation, in both directions.

  4. Did you see that picture of her in the Rimbus? Look at the nose and the pitch of the the nostrils. Her right nostril (on the left looking at the picture is significantly higher than the left (on our right).

  5. It never dawned on my how much eye makeup she wore in That Girl.