Sunday, October 16, 2011

Famous Hollywood Cat Fights: Shelley Winters v. Lauren Bacall

Shelley Winters was married to Tony Fanciosa from ca. 1956 to 1960. 

They look happy, don't they.  Shelley said that the nail in the coffin for her marriage to the hard bodied Franciosa was her Oscar win for The Diary of Anne Frank.  "Tony took one look at that Oscar and I knew my marriage was over."

As the end of their union was drawing to a close, Franciosa took up with this woman:

Mrs. Betty Bogart, widow of Humphrey Bogart (you know her as actress Lauren Bacall), and she had the hots for the hot headed Italian, so the two started an affair.  You know what they say - even though you loved and lost, they nights just keep getting lonelier when there no one to cuddle with. One night Tony failed to show up for a rendezvous with Betty.  So, Betty being Betty picked up the phone and called the Franciosa house:

I have never found anything to say that these two women ever spoke to one and other again.


  1. remember when christopher decked betty on the sopranos?

  2. I think this proves a valuable point: The 1950's weren't some golden age of civility, people were just quieter about their scandals. Also, marriage hasn't been sacred for a long time, but most importantly if that's really what Lauren Bacall said, you have to take off your hat to a quip like that.

  3. Well, who would you rather date?