Friday, February 4, 2011

We have some fun...

If you didn't know, and I don't know how you could not know, last summer I approached several friends about doing a cooperative blog dedicated to the biggest, baddest and the most bouffanted hair around and call it the Hair Hall of Fame.  Since blogger alreaduy had blog by that name, we capitalized "The" and the blog was born.

Needless to say, its been more fun than just blogging alone.

And it works because the people involved  - TBJ, MJ, Thombeau, Jason, Pirate (AYEM8Y) , Donna, Felix, Gum Popping Trainee Stylist and the madcap Norma Desmond are creative, funny, convivial, smart and sassy.  My fun comes from them letting me hang out with them.

But it also works because they all bring something to the HHoF that is unique - their perspective and outlook and most importantly, their energy.  The rules are simple - they contribute when they feel like it, share something with a hair theme and refrain from posting anything that would get an "Adult Content" label slapped on the blog.  (This means that MJ is unable to post her image of the VonTrapp Family singers sculpted in pubic hair.)

Without them, that blog would be nothing.  While it is not the pure shrine to the perfectly bouffanted, it has become something much more vibrant because it is the blog that we have created, rather than a stiffly constructed, inflexible shrine.  As a result, it is a more healthy organ, and I think, more entertaining and engaging.

So when Thombeau slipped me a graphic of line drawn girl heads from the late 1960s, it was simply Kismit that there were ten, and we at HHoF are ten, too.  And thus this blog banner/flag.

So my invitation to you, if you haven't already done so, please feel free to visit The Hair Hall of Fame - no appointments necessary for good friends - and scroll through the past posts if you have a moment.  We'd love to know what you think or have to share!


  1. Well,I follow most all of these blogs and am proud to be a hair-hopper lover like the lot of you. I also lived in the apartment building the corner of Larchmere/Kemper/N.Moreland for 15 years and it pleases me immensely to have found your blogs.Did you ever know Julie and her big bouffant from the Academy Tavern or that snappy waitress Helen from the train station depot diner ? I miss those days ! You don't happen to have any photos of these gals do ya ?

  2. Dean,

    WELCOME! Its always good to cross paths with someone from the old neighborhood.

    Unfortunatly, I don't have an image of either woman, and am still shooting myself for never getting an image of the asian waitress from Corky & Lenny's - she was hoot.

    I'll be back up in Shaker this coming summer - my newly discovered step-sister (one fo my classmates from Shaker public schools has invited me to the class of '81's reunion, so I get to see how my former classmates turned out.

    One thing from your stomping grounds that I remember are the birch trees that grew along Fairhill where North Moreland intersected. When I was in preschool, the bus would pick me up at home and drive us to Park Synagogue via Fairhill to pick up one of the boys in the school. I was too young to know that they were birch trees so I called them the "White trees". Funny what you remember after almost 45 years!

  3. I love this header, and I love hangin' with the big girls at the salon. And it's true: Norma really is madcap!

  4. That's what I said that night when she shot that Joe fella with the prop gun! Give Norma a prop gun and bottle of Percodan and you never know what, or who, is going down...

  5. May I post that link to the VonTrapp Family singers sculpted in pubic hair HERE instead?

    I love letting my hair down with you and the zany Normadesmond and the rest of the kooky cast of The Hair Hall of Fame.

  6. I could be mistaken,but I think the asian waitress was named Danni.
    Loved those birch trees ! In the springtime,there was a block long row of white lilac across the street from my apartment building that was stunning!
    I lived in Shaker,but worked for 10 years at a place called "It's It Deli "on Clifton . Oh,the stories I could tell !

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