Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seperated at birth?

I have long believed that every human "bears" a resemblence to its twin in the animal kingdom. 

Experimental Dancer Martha Graham and the favorite of science experimentalist,
the rhesus monkey, separated at birth?

We have just learned that one of our favorite magazines of era's gone past - SPY Magazine has just been digitized and released on Google Books.  Yay!

In its early years, SPY was witty, biting, funny, profane, silly, smart and worth every penny.  Toward the end it was just a waste of paper.  But for those first five glorious years when it hit the mark - brilliance! 

If you don't remember SPY, go browse through Google Books and learn the real meaning of SNARKY and SATIRE and how funny it can be when done correctly in a take no shit, take no prisoners type of fashion.


  1. Yay, indeed!

    Somewhere I have back issues I bought at a yard sale along with a stack of old Andy Warhol "Interview" mags.

  2. Looking back through the issues I had forgotten how amazing and beautiful the monthly layouts were.

  3. i recall the little oldsmobile that would accompany teddy kennedy stories.

    i have a smattering of spys as well AND a bunch of interviews that i will probably chuck.