Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground hog day

Meet Buckeye Chuck.  Chuck is Ohio's official state ground hog, and a resident of Marion Ohio.  Chuck was evidently unhappy to be roused from his comfy hutch behind radio station WMRN today, so that he could he held aloft by humans who are anxious about the outcome of what he sees, or does not see.

The official annoucement is that he did not see his shadow, which portends an early spring.  In reality, as I have said before, what Chuck saw where about fifty people gathered around him anxiously awaiting the outcome of what he sees (them) or does not see (a girl woodchuck). 

What do you think has Chuck all riled up?  He's not a morning person, is my guess. 

What does this all really mean?  Well, what it really means is that this will happen again next year and the year after that and the year after that, and so on and so on... 

That is the brilliance of Ground Hog Day. 

Just like the movie -  where Bill Murray keep waking to live the same day over and over - every year on February 2nd, we humans get up, drag a groundhog out of its cozy burrow and pin our hopes on what the keepers of the Ground decide we are to hope for or endure.

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  1. Our Canadian groundhog is Wiarton Willie and his story is mired in scandal…

    The scandal known as Williegate.