Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pat Collins - The Hip Hypnotist

Because MJ posted Pat Collins hair on The Hair Hall of Fame web site, I decided to post the episode of Pat on the The Lucy Show.  NOT ONLY do you get to revel in the look of her hair, but you also get to see her in action. Enjoy!


  1. Fab find, Cookie!

    When I first saw those hatboxes, I was wondering how she could possibly fit a hat onto that hairdo but it all became clear why she had the hats when I saw her act.

    Love the eyeglasses!

    And the bonus Theremin music.

  2. I love the hair and the earrings! Divine!

  3. I haven't thought of Pat Collins the hip hypnotist since who laid the rails! She was a hoot and a half!

  4. MJ I am confused are you talking about Pat Collins cause she never wore a hat????