Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An unhinged woman from Carol Stream Illinois went off on me today...

...when I called regarding an outstanding balance on my mother's only credit card.

Mom had this Elder-Beerman Department Store credit card that she used when she would buy things for herself, or for the Husband and I for Christmas. The card had a balance of $1.75. That is right, $1.75.

But, as we all know, "mighty oaks, from tiny acorns grow," especially from legal issues.

As Executor, I have to contact all creditors and ask for a final bill and handle the matter, or I am liable for the potential shitstorm that occur. And in today’s third party collection crazed world, I don't want to come home from work in a year or so and find out that I am in breach of my Fiduciary duty and in Dutch with the probate court.

So I called the number listed, which took me to HSBC - the company that bought out the credit accounts for EB's parent company, The Bon Ton.

After hopping through the telephone maze, I get a woman, and I explain to her what has happened and that as executor, I am the one responsible for dealing with this account - so what do they need to do issue a final bill and send the statement to me?

"I can't do that unless you provide a power of attorney," she says. I tell her that in Ohio, POA's are only issued for people who are living, dead people get executors.  Since I'm the executor, I have that document and will send it to her if she tells me where to mail the envelope to.

"I can't do that unless you provide a power of attorney," she says, again.

Again, I go through my spiel.

This time she goes off script and starts screaming that she needs to have a POWER OF ATTORNEY but then she starts in on me, informing me that I'm being difficult and that they don’t care about the $1.75 – “WE’RE JUST GOING TO WRITE IT OFF!”

Alright then. I thank her and complete the call. Bitch.

Now if that was what they were going do, why didn't she simply say "Let me look at the account and figure out what the next step is?"

Just as mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns, pennies make dollars.  No wonder HSBC has one of the worst reputations in the consumer finance industry when it comes to customer service.

I hope she feels better. Really I do. It must be Hell to work with her.  It was certainly Hell dealing her, the Bitch.


  1. feeling you! i hate those call centre drones. they're programming goes haywire when you go off script on them and they have a total meltdown!

  2. My deepest sympathies to you. My mother passed away in Sept. and this is my First Christmas without her. Fortunately my brother, with his take no crap attitude, is the executor and deals with these things. I miss her terribly and tell her I love her every morning.