Monday, December 20, 2010

My mother always said...

..."if it seems like a good idea, it is most likely not a good idea." 

Take the picture above.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.  However, in reflection, mmm, not so much.  So much it violates another tennant of my dear sainted mother:

"Never, under any circumstances, ever, allow someone to take your picture when you are wearing something that you will some day regret being photographed in."

Makes me wonder - and just who did this manchild give this photo to?  His mother?  That's a trip to the psychiatrist right there.  His father?  Doubtful.  Well then it must be for grandma!

And what, one day in the future (say 20 years old so) will his children say when they find this?  "This is so totally gross!" his daughter will say rolling her eyes. 

"Like, you didn't show this to anyone, have you?" his son will ask in sheer embarrassment.

And when did it become chic to have Ralph Wiggum hair?


  1. Everyone had to get started in the porn business somewhere.

  2. This is his yearbook photo. No lie.

  3. i'd say the photographer wanted to fuck him and talked that shirt off.

  4. What very sound advice...
    And what's with the "Bum Fluff" on the top lip?

  5. Did they actually print this in his *yearbook* is what I want to know.