Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Norma Desmond is right, but the prize goes to Jason, Part Two

Jason, honey, your guess may not have have been correct, but you win the prize.  One behalf of all of us who laughed silly at your guess, I have tried to make it come true:

I simply don't know how Jason nails these contests as he does, but he is dead center and right in identifying our most recent Mystery Guest, the talented 1960s comedienne, Gidget Cameltoe.

"Born in Anita Pudenda in Upper Falls, North Dakota, she was discovered by a photographer from LIFE magazine while walking with her friends on summer afternoon.  The picture of the three young women, wearing skin tight jeans, caused a sensation, and soon Hollywood came knocking.  Metronome Pictures changed her name to Gidget Cameltoe shortly after she arrived in the Movie Capital of the World.

"After playing supporting roles in such films as "That Darned Cat" and with Bob Hope in "I'd Walk a Mile For A Camel", she was offered the starring role in "Read My Lips" with Paul Lynde and Phyllis Diller.  Her next film, Mooseknuckle Mary, proved to be the biggest box office hit in Canada in 1968.

"Shown here is her second film as the beloved girl with something extra, Mooseknuckle Mary Goes to Hollywood, costarring George Saunders as her agent and Jack Palance as her retarded man-child brother Hooter. 

"Gidget Cameltoe retired from film making after discovering Jesus in a Ben Franklin Store in Escondido, California and she announced that the .25 cent dashboard statue directed her to a life of cloistered prayer as a nun in a Bulgaria Abbey."

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  1. I only knew because I'm a charter member of the Gidget Cameltoe fan club.
    I have a stuffed, plush cameltoe that she autographed and everything.