Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Donna Lethal's newest book...

I always wondered what Nancy Drew would get into when she went off to college.

"Oh!" thought Coventry College Co-Ed Nan Drew.  "Why that wasn't what I thought that Professor Derrick Cockenlocker meant when he suggested that I apply myself to a little extra credit," as she rubbed the aching muscle in her jaw.  Nan was right; there was nothing little about Dr. Cockenlocker's "assignment."

She straightened her peasant skirt, but there was no getting around not being able to wear her silk hose, which lay limp in her hand.  A wave of dread enveloped her.

"I hope that no one sees me out at night, walking home with my hose in hand," she said to herself.  "Why, they could get the wrong idea about me!"  But little did Nan know that she was being watched, and that her every activity was being recorded by the shadowy figure standing besides the Animal Husbandry building in the distance...

According to the publisher, the book was suppossed to be called "Nan Drew and the Case of the Extra Credit Assignment" but they couldn't fit the title on the book.

Look for this at Barnes & Noble near you soon...


  1. Apparently, snake venom is not toxic when ingested.

  2. What were here silk hose doing limp in her hand?

  3. Lethal's garter belts are outfitted with a 'quick release' feature.

  4. I'm so glad she finally dumped Ned Nickerson, that closet case boyfriend she had. Nan, not Donna.