Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sorry, Sargent, but don't ask, don't tell.

As my longtime "fans" will remember, I have a certain weakness for the Columbia Pictures movie "Parachute Nurse" - a "C" film that told the story of the U.S. Army Air Corps Parachute Nurse program during WWII.

One of the reasons why I love this movie is that PR for this stinker is so terrible.  In the original placard that the Bucyrus Historical Society has, everyone is looking at someone else and there is a veritable tale to tell of jealousy and blank stares.  In the card featured above the man (second from left) is supposedly saying "Sorry, Sargent, blonds are my weakness!" to a woman dancing with a blond man.  Really!

On another matter, family duty continues to call me.  So I'm a week away from resuming real posts.  Hang in there, baby.  Things just have to get better!

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