Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, Lamé Man, where are you when I need you!

Wherever you are, remember: Lamé Man is just a ring-a-ding-a-ding-dong away.  You know, if someone would dress up like and attend Robert Conrad's funeral (relax, dears - he's still alive) looking like this, I'd pay to see it.

I purloined this from Thombeau.  While taking a break from watching over my ailing parent, I logged on and this brought a HUGE ASS smile to my day.

Duty calls, and she is in a really bad mood...We now return to my life...stressed out though it is.


  1. NEVER make jokes about Bob Conrad's funeral!
    Now that I can regain my breath ... you know I love you.

  2. What about Robert Conrad wearing this outfit?

  3. Good luck with the parental duties! I am actually in a similar situation.

  4. I sincerely appreciate the thought Thombeau. You never think you'll be in this position, until you are. Hugs, S.

  5. Let me join in the hopes that things will be ok, and that we should all go back in time to when Robert Conrad would look dazzling in that outfit.