Friday, September 24, 2010

Losing more than my mind

Thank God for Thombeau!

While catching up on my blogging I saw where he posted the Liza Minelli "official video" for this song produced by the Pet Shop Boys. And it brought back a lot of really great memories. After 21 years something you forget these things.

So I went looking for various versions of the song. Almost all of them, except Liza's version are sung as Sondheim wrote them into Follies - plantive ballads, filled with longing and plantive silences.

But then I found this version. Liza looks good, TPSB's look good, and the song is sung as a seemless ode set in the carefree 1980s. It was like tonic that cheered me up. If anyone were going to do a cover of my life, I would want TPSB's to produce it.

And given what we have been through with my mother in the past month, and especially the last couple days, this was just what I needed.

So, as the Pineapple Sage blooms, it heralds the beginning of Autumn. Have a great weekend. I'm going to give it my best!

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