Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where do I begin?

Today I traveled for business and went to Canton.

Not China. in Ohio.

Ahhh, Canton.  City of Light and Magic.

We have clients there and I was visiting, making sure that they are happy.  And then I found myself in Canton, with nothing to do.  I know that never happens, but I must be the first person to be in that position.  Fancy that.

This is Hall of Fame Weekend in Canton.  Each year, during the first full weekend in August, Canton celebrates its role in the establishment of Football as the national pasttime of the fall months.  They have a big parade, cook ribs and the atmosphere is generally partylike.

But I could not partake of the festivities because I had to get home so I can prepare for another trip on the horizon: a picnic that we sponsor for more clients down in Yorkville, Ohio. 

Where is Yorkville? Its a bedroom community of Martins Ferry, Ohio - itself, part of the greater Wheeling, West Virginia metropolitan statiscal area. 

The food and the people are wonderful, although I really hate the headache that some people (that would include me) get when they go down in the Ohio River Valley.  They are called - get this - Valley Headaches.

But the food is DIVINE.  Oh, my God do these people know how to eat!

So tomorrow I plan on catching up on the blog-o-sphere and then its off to Yorkville.  Come join us!  If you get bored, the Wheeling Downs Casino & Dog Track is just across the river, and doesn't that sound  classy?  I'll be the one holding court over the egg toss and water balloon throw games.

God I hope they unlock the rest rooms.

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