Thursday, July 23, 2009

What would Ann Landers say?

How far did the MadMen of Mad Avenue go to sell condiments during the 1950s? How about suggesting that a clock his cheapo wife for not buying the real juice! What would Ann Landers say?

Dear Ann Landers,

I'm married to the greatest guy on earth, but if I try and economize and buy the store brand Worcestershire sauce he can fly a bit off the handle and I have to hide in the closet or risk life and limb. Do you think that he needs help?

Just sign me,

Terrified in Tacoma Park

Dear Taco,

My suggestion is not to make the same mistake twice. Wake up and smell the coffee, he works hard for his rare steak, sweetie. All day long other people at work are out to rip off his head and shit down his throat. Don't short shaft the man, give'm what he wants: name brand condiments! Its the clever cleaver that lives to cook another day. I gotta run - my upper plate is slipping.

Yours fondly,


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