Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No granite countertops, EVER!

This, dear readers, is what a real kitchen looks like when the owner of said kitchen is a real cook - a French Chef, as it were. This is Julia Child's kitchen, from her former home in Cambridge Massachusetts, as reconstructed in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History.

Please note that her cabinets are not new, nor modern, that the appliances do not match, there is no kitchen island and most importantly: no granite counter tops, at all.

That's right: the Queen of the Tureen, the First Lady of the Ladle, Julia Child was able to live without granite countertops.

And so can you.

Seriously, they look great but they are (1) expensive, (2) heavy, (3) emit low levels of radon, (4) dangerous to handle fine china and glasswear over and (5) unnecessary.

And that is my point: kitchens are for cooking. All the granite in the world will never make you decent cook. And if you are a good cook, then you know that granite will never make you a better cook.


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  1. I would never have them, though they are pretty. I like wood or stainless steel--preferably one of each. Love seamless stainless that flows into a sink with no joining lip to catch cruddy stuff. Love a (wooden) counter that is its own cutting board.

    :: sigh ::

    I used to live near Julia. Would see her in Star Market and nearly faint.