Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sister acts

The Clark Sister's Beauty Shop Beat has been making the rounds again and I have to admit that when I saw it on Schadenfreudian Therapy All I could was wonder why all those women where in baby blue. Then I downloaded the album and listened to it. Then I went on eBay and bought copy of the album for our collection so I could get all of the music off the album. Really can't find anything out about these women - not even their first names, but I love them.

Husband and I found this gem while out junking one Saturday afternoon. The Barry Sisters were a big deal on the Borscht Belt back in the 1960s. And I just love that the gloves match the lipstick and imagine them in their furs singing about the old country where things were still pretty shitty. The irony is that not only did they sing "If I Were a Rich Man" but they also probably dedicated it in one of their shows at the Nevele "to Mr. and Mrs. Phil Richmond, at table 24, who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with us tonight. Mazol tov!"


  1. The Barry Sisters! Love 'em. Do you have their Side By Side album? They're kitted out in matching red brocade slut gowns on that one, and do the WEIRDEST version of "Who's Sorry Now" ever committed to wax - in faux Chinese/Siamese cat accents, complete with mangled "R"'s and "L"'s.

  2. I will have to find them! It is Kismet...