Monday, June 17, 2024

It's hawt. Gawd awful hot. AC is on the way.


Ohio is under part of the "HEAT DOME" that is floating over this great land of ours. It's also over Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York and soon, the rest of New England. 

As you know, our home, Withering Heights, doesn't have AC. Yet. That installation starts next week. So for this event, we are slowly being baked inside that 1910-era home we bought.   Its not unpleasant, but it is toasty.  My schedule is: 

Today, I am OK. 

Tomorrow, I'll get through it. 

Wednesday, I will begin to complain. By Wednesday afternoon, I will complain loudly.  Wednesday I will claim that it is as hotter than inside the Devil's underwear. 

Thursday, I'll be bargaining with whoever will listen. 

Friday, both of us will be resigned to this fate, but will steel ourselves by knowing that Saturday and Sunday look to be in the 80s.

This is not to say we don't have two window AC units.  Because we do.  One on the third floor and one for our bedroom.  We have to do the third floor because the husband works from home up there. 

While Cookie is not one to wish away time, next Monday cannot get here soon enough. 

And oh, what do my ears hear?  A thunderstorm is coming that will not cool us down.  Does it get any better? Seriously, because I'd like to know if it does.


  1. Drink your liquids!!

    Check hubby periodically on the 3rd floor. We don't want him passing out up there even with a window a/c. They say hot air rises.

    Before you know it next week will be here.

    Thanks for checking in. We worry about you.

  2. Heavens! Look after yourself, dearies...

    The concept of "home air conditioning" over here in the UK is completely alien to us. The UK may get extremes of temperature now and again, but we keep our "stiff upper lip" at all times! 😀 Pip, pip! Jx

  3. Fans can work miracles. Even with a/c, I always use lots of fans. When I was growing up in Beachwood, though, our house had no a/c and few fans, although it did have good cross ventilation.

  4. Not to complain to loudly, but we have nothing but rain. It's raining on my parade... I do love getting outdoors in summer. But - it's early in the season. Possible flooding. Stay cool, dear.

  5. Any chance that your good husband may check you into a hotel/ VRBO with AC if it mitigates your distress? Heat stroke is nothing to mess with.

    Will Jay