Saturday, May 15, 2021

A day of celebration!

 Dear Ones:

Today the anniversary that the husband I observe.  24 years ago today, we became a couple.  And 22 years ago today, we celebrated that couplehood with a big party, all our friends and immediate family. 

In August we have two more observations: Our 13th wedding anniversary.  We were one of the first couples from a state that forbade same-sex marriages to get married in Massachusetts after they ditched that horrible law that was based on mixed-race marriages.  And then in the third week, we will have known one and other for - and get this - FORTY YEARS!

In all those years what I have learned is that your forever happiness is whatever you make it, and whomever you choose.  But as a couple, I needed my compliment to find my equal and realize how damn lucky I was. 

Big doings? 

Fillet's for dinner, and British mysteries for entertainment tonight. 


A dishwasher update: 

They came, they saw, they fiddled, and then admitted it's beyond their skills.  The washer arm is is "on" but not securely.  So we'll see.


  1. Happy multiple anniversaries. Gay marriage became a reality, but appliances that work or repairmen who can fix them are chimeras that we may never witness.

  2. Happy Anniversary of Anniversaries!!!

  3. 40 years! that's like an eternity or something! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  4. Happy Anniversary, dears. Enjoy your time together!

  5. Lordy! The Madam and I celebrate 23 years together this month, so we're not far off your record. It seems like a long, long, time but I think I still have clothes that old or older... Jx

    PS Forty years really is a long time, however - I'm celebrating 1981 (the year I left school and first went clubbing) on and off all year on my blog, and it's quite scary how time flies when you remember the music of that era!

  6. Oh, many happy anniversaries, Cookie!

  7. all of this is amazing and delightful. Congrats to you and yours.

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Fillets and British Mysteries...You had me a British...I love me some British Mysteries...What are your suggestions...And in regards to the dishwasher...I want my damn money back...Have a good Sunday and week...