Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fear in the second week of September

Dear Lord, keep me and this nation safe so we can see him being sent off to jail.

Ever since the day of the 9/11 attack eighteen years ago this Wednesday, I have come to dread the week that 9/11 fall on.   I watched it all unfold on live national TV and it scarred me for life.  I still have PTSD from it because our house in Columbus was right under the final approach to Port Columbus if certain winds prevailed.  By the time my husband got home, I was vibrating with fear every time one of those planes came down.  Afterward, the silence from the lack of planes freaked me out.  I don't handle this week well.

So today, the misery started.  The husband called to say that a chunk of downtown Baltimore was shut down because they found a panel truck with an estimated 1,000 gallons of gasoline in/near the structure.

Let me remind you that gasoline - the liquid - is not what ignites to drive a car.  Its the vapor, mixed with air that goes ka-boom.  So they evacuated a big chunk of Baltimore's front door along Pratt at Charles on Inner Harbor.

That truck with that petrol scares me.  It scares me that some idiot right now is planning to try and do something.

Such tsuris!

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It also scares me that the fat petulant baby that goes by the name "President Trump" will be in Baltimore this weekend address in the GOP meetings downtown at the Marriott in Harbor East.  Luckily I learned of this two weeks ago and advised the husband.  Husband works less than a quarter-mile from the hotel and traffic on a good day can be Hellish.  So he was able to request work from Home on Thursday and Friday. 

Still, anytime a normal President comes to your town its a cluster.  The traffic, the resources, ugh.

When its Trump, its a cluster fuck, because you know he is going to take, and take, and then dump on the community.  If I worked at that hotel, I would step in front of a bus to get out of being anywhere near it if I worked there on that day.

Every night in my prayers I say, "Dear Lord, keep the people of this nation safe long enough to see this cretin in the White House shipped off to prison to spend the rest of his days in the type of humiliation that Leona Helmsley endured."

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On the upside, Muscato and I will be doing the "Bloggers who Lunch" number on Thursday.


  1. EGAD! I know that area well. the freaks are in bawlmer this week!

  2. Send Muscato my love, and tell him we miss him and his wise words here in Blogger-land... Jx

  3. Living and working in DC, I too remember being frightened on that day (and many of the days that followed). I cancelled several trips immediately following the reopening of air routes. I couldn't imagine ever getting on a plane again but I did. And, as coincidence dictates, I head to Columbus next week for a few days of business meetings. I'll give the motherland your love!