Saturday, August 11, 2018

Feminine Hygiene Minutes in History

Yes, Nurse Margaret Kissack, with her greying hair and jet BLACK eyebrows has all the answers, because she just not a "nurse" or some actress who plays advertisements.

Margaret Kissack was a real registered nurse, motha fuckas.

She has been trained to be helpful, non-judgemental and objective.  And there is no SHAME in going to comely Nurse Kissack because she was a professional.  And an employee of the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic.

Impressed?  You should be.  This nurse, this disciple of Florence Nightengale no less, gave her life to helping women through every serious medical moment imaginable that nice people can't discuss in public. At the dinner table. Including how and what to look for when you chose the correct hygienic travel syringes.

"I recommend Faultless Rubber brand travel syringes.  The people that work at Faultless Rubber understand that "purity of product" is important to the American Woman."

Moreover, Nurse Margaret Kissack was a native of the Isle of Man, who became an American Citizen and lived in 1940 at 2670 East Boulevard in Cleveland, Ohio.

We know this because the 1930 U.S. Census tells us so.  Yes, she gave up a fun-filled and fulfilling life on an island full of men, where Peel automobile was built.

We also know that caring Nurse Kissack died in Cleveland in 1977.   Shame on you for not caring and not sending flowers you ungrateful sots.

So when you have a question about how to keep your secret lady place dainty, say to hell with the stranger on the street, to hell with your friends and fuck the Hell off to every LPN there is: seek out your own Margaret Kissack, R.N. and step out of the shameful shadows of secret lady place odors.


  1. never owned one of those whatever the hell they are.

  2. I'm with Anne Marie! I couldn't care less if my secret lady place was dainty or not! I had a ten pound baby so that sucker needed to be strong and sturdy.
    Kissack, huh? That name alone would've given me pause, not to mention a case of the giggles.

  3. I know nothing at all about "lady places", "secret" or otherwise, but if they need a syringe in order to be able to travel, that might explain why there's always a queue at Boots the Chemist every time the schools break for the summer... Jx

  4. Kiss-sack? Looks doubtful she did.

  5. is a vaginal shower ? If so, why call it serynge for criss sake :)