Thursday, December 22, 2016

Most Hated Woman of Christmas 2016, And For Good Reason

The Ugly, Old Hellkite, Herself

2016 has been a motherfucker of a year, no doubt about that.

But as 2016 draws to a close, the woman in this picture has emerged as the ugliest of Americans.

Yes, there are worse things done in this year, but this grandmotherly woman from Kentucky has become the poster child for everything that is wrong with the US.

This malevolent foul mouth creep in the blue sweater, with the Green Box, in the midst of the Christmas season - the season where we celebrate the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ mind you - let loose a racist rant on the woman in front of her because the woman let a family member throw a couple items in on her tab at the register.

That was her sin - letting someone add three or four items to the pile of things she was buying.

And it was ALL caught on video.

Of course it was.

Now, I know that tempers and emotions can run short in the Christmas season, but what came out of this every-woman's mouth was beyond vile.  Besides her obnoxious behavior, her offensive mode of "dress" (Call it white trash lounge wear), and her foul mouth, the scene she created has so angered and embarrassed people that:

  1. JCPenney has apologized for its role in training its employees to call for manager backup to get this bitch to shut her pie hole.
  2. The Mall has apologized for not knowing about it so they could send mall security to deal with this old and ban her from their property for the rest of her natural born days - and - 
  3. The Mayor of Louisville has apologized to the world for what this woman said because it reflects badly on his city. 
The only person that we haven't heard from is Kentucky Governor Matt Beven, and we won't because he is batshit insane himself. 

If you haven't seen the video, you may have some questions of your own - like why didn't anyone step up for the woman at the register, who showed considerably more grace than the Most Hated Woman of Christmas 2016. 

Frankly if Cookie were there, I would hate to think about what the jail cell I would be in for clocking the old hellkite and knocking her out cold. (No offense meant to other Hellkite's, I was just using it as a figure of speech.)

Perhaps it is the person who took the video may not have stopped the verbal assault, but she documented The Most Hated Woman of Christmas 2016 so we all can be appalled. 

The identity of the woman is not known, yet.  Her name will come out eventually.  It always does.  Right now she is probably holed up in house in a Barcalounger, muttering to herself about how unfair the world is. 

If she thinks its unfair now, just wait until learn her name. 

Full story HERE


  1. it is cunts like this that give the USA a bad reputation. FUCK HER sideways with a diseased donkey dick!

  2. I was amazed that no one stood up to this crabby assed bitch.
    That's what we need to dom stand up to this kind of vile hatred and knock it back down.
    Had I been there ..... well, let's just say that old bitty should be glad I wasn't ....
    C U Next Tuesday.

    1. To me its amazing that no one has spilled the bills on who she is. C'mon America, I want to hear what the crazy old racist goon has to say for herself.