Sunday, November 6, 2016

Remember folks, voting for Donald Trump... like calling a vibrator a "personal massager".  Everyone knows what it is.  Everyone knows that you won't use it to relax your neck.  He is going to drain our batteries.  He cannot get the job done.  And if elected, he is going to try jamming laws down our throat that wreak of ass.

Make sure you vote for Hillary on Tuesday - our LIVES may very well depend on it.


  1. To tell you the truth Cookie, I'm surprised if one votes for Trump, their not giving those voters a " personal massager". They'll need it later to fuck themselves when Trump fucks everything up. Which should take a day. If he wins.

  2. Thankfully we in the UK have no say on this matter. However, I say - VOTE BARKER! Jx

  3. The Mistress spent this evening calling American friends and relatives and reminding them to get to the polls tomorrow.

    I have no say either but I couldn't help but insert my two cents worth.

    1. If Trump wins, will he Husband and I call dibs on your sofa.

  4. The cordless massager is applied now.