Sunday, November 27, 2016

1970 Gift Ideas: So why douche like your grandmother?

Well there Miss Deer in the Headlights? We want to know.  Do you wash your mimsy like the grandma?

"Deary, when you wash your lady parts, remember the Johnston Flood..." you can hear her saying.

You could have had this.  No more Lysol like Gram.  Nope.  Not you.  You need this thing.

Discreetly designed to look like a WaterPik.

How much?  The ad doesn't say.  So in 1970 terms, it's expensive.  Maybe $99.95.

Well, what do I know about the secret lady parts, anyway.  To me you take a couple moments in the bath or shower.

And as a public service, who would buy their grandmother a an electric douche nozzel?

According to the last paragraph, the Aqua Fem makes a great gift.  Until gramps confuses it for his WaterPik.


  1. sweet mother of pearl, what shit is this? this "gift" is right up there with a vacuum cleaner or an ironing board. no fucking thanks.

  2. That young woman is now somebody's grandmother.

  3. "Aqua Fem" ... great name for a female superhero.

  4. i'll buy it, but i'll buy anything with 'fem' in the name.

  5. It sprays in 8 directions at the same time?

  6. As Spiderman might say "With great odor comes great responsibility".

    1. And doesn't gram there look like Rosemary Harris (aka Peter Parker's aged Aunt?)