Thursday, June 9, 2016

Seriously, WTF.

OK, so you know how I just said that we were going to get the bush roots out and deshrub?

Well, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Husband hired the landscapers to remove said stumps so we could then roto till.

Well, they chopped.  They used a pry bar.  They brought in a pick axe.  A chain saw.  A second chainsaw.  Two new chains for the chainsaws.  Nothing would budge.

Take a look at the picture above.  To give you an idea on how big these stumps and roots are, see that dot on the root?  That is a quarter.  We're talking some big shit.

Soooooo, they had to come back for a second day.

This time they brought BIG saws.  Industrially BIG saws.  Lumberjack saws.  And a stump grinder.

On day two they also brought in 12 men, three trucks and a ATV and cart.

When they were done, six hours later. Three trucks groaned out of the neighborhood, heavy under tons of roots, piles of branches, and overburden from the scraped down back yard beds.

We have a clean slate on which to plant.

The down side of this?  Not one guy had a decent body or a full set of teeth.

But we have a clean slate to plant in.  Take your wins where you can.


  1. the guys prob came from (a) the eastern shore or (b) west virginny or (c) western maryland. ew. but YAYZ for a clean slate!

  2. "The down side of this? Not one guy had a decent body or a full set of teeth."

    WHY WHY WHY! All I asked for is a hot guy in a sweaty t-shirt to toil in my yard!


  3. Not so much shrubs as Little Shop Of Horrors... Jx

  4. Dear gods. I hope you agreed a price before the excavations began?

  5. Isn't this a job for a compact excavator and two additional men, one afternoon ?