Sunday, June 26, 2016

Obergefell: One year on

So it has been one year, June 26, 2015,  on since the Supreme Court decided that marriage - that most personal of rites that we can share with the person we love - is guaranteed to all Americans.

Now Cookie and the Husband have been together since May, 1997, had our commitment ceremony in May 1999 and were married on May 5, 2008 in Massachusetts, and when we moved to Maryland on September 1, 2012 were officially recognized by our state, even though marriage rites equality didn't happen her until voters approved it until November 2012.

But on June 26, 2015, Honey, we all got the green light!

And the doomsayers on the nutty right had lathered their people up in a frenzy saying that all manner of Hell would break loose if this happened, because that is what ignorant non-thinkers were told to believe.

So lets go over what HASN'T happened since the court voted in Obergefell, shall we?

1) God did not smite down the United States.

2) God has not abandoned the United States.

3) God has not sent a plague of frogs upon this country, either.

4) No straight couple's marriage disintegrated on the spot over gay marriage.

5) No church has been forced to host a same sex marriage against its will or against it's canon.

6) A disappointed Rick Santorum has yet to find anyone who wants equal rights so they can marry a barn yard animal.  (Yet the idea seems profoundly exciting to the former Senator, no doubt, as he was found of bringing this up, a lot.)

7) A disappointed Rick Santorum also cannot find any sign of a movement to bring back polygamy, except in his supporters who live at the former Warren Jeff's compound.

8) No, we, as a people have not encountered a slippery slope - or ANY slope as far as any social issue yet.

9) No, it doesn't offend God.  If it did, wouldn't she have smitted us by now?  (See Number 1)

10) And no, it has not caused an immoral sexual tidal wave to hit the U.S.

What it has done, that is bad, is:

1) It gave us Kim Davis.

That's it.

So Cookie has decided that hence forth, June 26th is our day of true equality.  Take it, savor it, and never forget that there will always be someone or some group that wants to take it away from us.


  1. there have also been no earthquakes, hurricanes, bombs, etc. thrown down at us by a vengeful "god" either. and miss ricky has probably taken up with a goat, but I digress.

    we MUST keep moving forward as a nation. the RWNJ fringe can go fuck itself!

    1. Well, they will certainly fuck all people over if they get the chance.

  2. I was thinking this same thing today ... Carlos and I have been legally married for nearly two years now, and together for nearly sixteen.
    But I have one worry; all those things that didn't happen? Great
    But Kim Davis? If they blame us for her ... oy, the repercussions.

    1. Trust me - Kimmy will shoot herself in the foot. Look what happened to her champion Mike Huckabee. The musical group Survivor has successfully sued the bastard for using "Eye of the Tiger" at Kim Davis' escape from jail party. Then Huckabee tried to pay the bill with a check from his campaign fund. Then the Federal Elections Commission told the former governor and minister that he couldn't use campaign funds because it was not a campaign event. Mother Fucker Huckabee had to reach into his own pockets and pay the bill. So trust me, karma is going to do to Kim Davis and her lawyer what they done to others.

  3. You mean, Rick "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex" Sanorum, Right?

    1. The one, and thankfully, only. And let's all thank God - she/he who is all knowing - for not only making just one Rick Santorum, but for also giving people the on the right the good sense to snuff out his presidential aspirations. I think even they think he's a loser.

  4. 6/26/15...never thought i'd live to see it happen.

    1. Me either. And you know who I think planted it in the minds of gay people? Back in the early 1990s, Evangelical christians, like that dried out old cunt Linda Harvey, started using the "Gay Marriage" thing as a stir up the base thing. I was with my second boyfriend at time thinking that "this is silliness", but the more social conservatives would whip their people into a lather over it, I think that LGBT America began to think "You know, we do want this. And we want it because you say we can't have it. And we want it because this is the United Fucking States of America, and why shouldn't we have it?" So in my book, that dried up old cunt Linda Harvey owes us ALL wedding presents - good ones, too.