Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Back to a normal, of sorts. And then more horrible, horrible news!

The Joan Crawford's face says it all: "FUN"  Not "FUN!", just "FUN".

Whoo Hoo.

There is something to be said for calm quiet.  Yup.  Sure is.

The husband went back to work on Monday and is playing catch up with the tasks left hanging.  The dogs, too are exhausted from their disrupted schedules.

But I feel a bit out of the loop.  It's been hard for me to get into my routine since its been four weeks back that I was last in it.  Back then we were in the midst of stalled "Omega" weather front that nearly drowned us in a foot of rain over a month (Yes, folks in California, I know that you are still in a drought) and yes I am thankful for the rain.

So I have been getting caught back up on life, just not relishing the change in the family dynamic.

I did put MIL's listing on Find A Grave, and linked her to her parents, sister and brother.  I ALSO added her birth family onto the site - you remember them, the New Yorker's that dismissed us with a shove down the stairs and snap in the air.

And here on the home front, the husband "deshrubbed" the 80 year old taxus bushes in front of the house last weekend, and he was "bushed" afterword.  The landscaper is supposed to be here tomorrow to rip out the trunks, which, and I am not kidding, are eight inches around.  Those were some big ass bushes.  So hopefully, "hopefully", we rent a rototiller this weekend and make those flower beds our bitches this weekend.


You know "Il Duce", that nice guy who has the blog Suffering Fools Badly?   Well the poor dear was biking yesterday and was hit by a bus!  They had to operate on his leg.  And he's laid up no weight on the leg and then next week they are going to decide if they have to do more surgery on him.  Stop by his blog and wish him well, poor dear.  He is the nicest and cutest man imaginable.


  1. There's nothing better suited to getting one back to one's routine than making a flower bed your bitch!

  2. thanks for the tip about il duce.
    though i was an avid bicyclist in my youth (i proudly wore a button that read, BICYCLES DON'T POLLUTE, i wouldn't dream of riding a bike in public today. here in st.paul, they're making the roads "bike friendly," adding lanes for bikes, demanding that drivers share the road with bicyclists, there's no end to it. and all we here about is people getting hit. i walk the dog against traffic for fear i'll get clipped. sadly, i think bicycles are meant to be stationary...in a gym.

  3. Thank you for the kind shout out Cookie. It's not been a happy experience.

    1. I know honey. We're happy that you're still with us. A bike can be replaced. You can't be replaced.

  4. What terrible news. Thank goodness you dear blogger friend want fatally injured. A speedy recovery to him.

  5. Just one damn thing after another, isn't it? C'est la vie, I suppose, but it doesn't mean we have to like it, any more than we like recalcitrant shrub stumps...