Monday, April 18, 2016

Quelle Horreur: Love It of List It is an alleged sham cum canard

Quick Agador Spartacus, get Hillary and David a Perin tablet!

My chickens, what can I say but I have spent the day sneezing up an absolute allergy attack.  This is what happens when you plunk a midwest boy down south of Mason Dixon Line.

But did you hear the news?  No?  Then I am a harbinger of news then!

A North Carolina couple alleges that Love It or List It is a fake, and they do sloppy work, too.  A fraud. A scripted show in which the principles are actors.  A carnie show! Yes, good old fashioned alleged chicanery!

Quelle Horreur!  An alleged canard*? Clutch the pearls!

Here's a link to the first article on the dust up.

Apparently, David isn't a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina, where the alleged unhappy people are.  Allegedly, there are questions about how monies were spent.  Allegedly, the work was sloppy.  Allegedly, this couple never would have hired the contractor that was contracted by the production company. 

I am sure that Petra Donovan is pissing in her pants.  She's the one who outed the show as being a scripted sham in this blog four years ago, which kvetching about my critique.

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(Sucks to be you, Petra - I did a screen shot of your brutal comments just in case you thought you could delete the comments.)

Well seeing as I got them to admit it back then, *poof* my work here is done.   If you need me I will be searching for FLONASE®

*canard is such a great word.

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  1. WHEN will idiots realize that ALL "reality shows" are total fakes? turn off the idiot box and get out and LIVE IN REALITY!

    as for you, I am taking singulair and still sneezing/hacking. I hear ya.