Friday, February 19, 2016

You have a choice in really do.

You can either be miserable because your shoes don't go with your dress - or - you can choose to be fabulous in spite of it like Lady Flounce, here above us.   Look at her - bitch is working that dress on carpet that neutralizes those shoes and their do nothing color.

Honestly poppets, if you are going sulk about because everything in your life isn't the tits envy of everyone else, life is going to be nothing but one's self brought about bitter disappointment after another.  

No one can throw a pity party for you like you can throw for yourself.  And guess what, no one but you will RSVP to attend that pity party but you.

So get out there and remember life really is about making the most of what you are on the inside, and not about whether or not the shoes match the dress.*

*But really, the carpet should always match the drapes.


  1. "But really, the carpet should always match the drapes."

    I have hardwood floors.

  2. what's that in your aquarium, stacked deodorants?

  3. Remember, if your carpet doesn't match the drapes, just pull out all your carpet!

  4. Well, she's made an effort to match the chrysanthemums, at least. That is a fabulous dress!