Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mixed Messages:

You know those little books that the looney Evangelicals like to leave in public bathrooms, on cafe tables and on your doorstep?

Now, they want to drop them in your car.

As if you would ever read one and see "the light".

The bible tells the faith to spread the good news.  But leaving unwanted crap in someone else's vehicle isn't spreading anything but trash.

To me, this is more than proselytizing, this is littering.

If any of you are thinking about doing this, and I know that none of you are, because I know that you are more likely to leave other things in other peoples cars (NORMA), but still, don't be like "Evan the Evangelical".

Keep your windows up, for safety, of course.


  1. they just want you to read the NT parts, not the fire & brimstone / pillar of salt / cut your kid in half portion. Or as I call it: the good parts!

  2. what, just because i've lifted my skirt & shit
    in the backseats of a few cars i'm singled out?