Friday, January 1, 2016

The party's over...

2015, like this party, started out well, but quickly became
a rotten year for the world. 

Well folks, what started in great promise really turned out to be, overall, a mighty shitty year.

Paris terrorism,  Santa Barbara terrorism.  The Baltimore Riots.  ISUL/Daesh.  This biblical flooding in Texas and the midwest.  Donald Trump running of President.

Jesus Effing Christ, what a miserable year.

Well, let's hope that 2016 is better and kinder and more prosperous for us all.


  1. Here, here darling!!!!! A Happy New Year to you! What would make the new year even better is if the Cookie Monster can come out and play.

    1. Maddie, you really know how to right all wrongs.

  2. Amen, sister.
    And I just hope Miss Tiara there remembered her deodorant.
    That's one way to improve the new year right there

  3. It could be worse - you could be a Cleveland Browns fan!

  4. I'll drink to that!

    Well, I would do had Mistress Maddie not downed all the gin.