Thursday, September 19, 2013

We haven't played this game in a while

Above is a picture of a skinny person who came from a show business background and ended up in film.  A singer and a dancer, he/she ended up working in movies that were stripped down affairs.  But what he/she really wanted to do was direct and produce.

Don't we all?

Please feel free to take a guess and leave a comment on who you think it is - just the name of the person, nothing more.  The winner will receive some sort of accolade on DHTiSH.

PLEASE READ: If you take one look at this picture and know exactly who it is just give the name.  Others may find you right or wrong, but the more you give away, the more you ruin their fun in guessing too.  Taking this picture and running it through Google is cheating.  And cheaters never prosper.