Sunday, September 22, 2013

Oh, what a tangled web we try to weave

A few days ago, I put this picture up and asked people to guess who it was:

Which was actually this picture, the image reversed and the color eliminated and then renamed...

...Fred Astaire Jr., Which Mean Dirty Pirate was honest enough to say "Eh, Cookie, did you know that..." To which I said, yes I do.

And I have to say that it wasn't Eb from Green Acres.  But I thought that Bob Fosse...

...was a very good guess!  But Bob never looked that awkward.

But it takes a person with a real desire to succeed to make it, even when he's a bit awkward on his feet, but as it turns out, he was very good at being on his knees...

And Jack Wrangler not only looked good enough to eat, he was also one heck of a heart throb for my generation of gay guys.

He was attractive, he knew how to build his body up to be an object of desire, and he was a very sweet man.

When Jack, which is how I knew him after meeting him once in Columbus in December 1983, showed up once the Kismet, a bar long gone, but fondly remembered, I was there.  People stopped dancing and started gawking at the door.  The guy I was there with was friends with the bar tender, and that got us up to the bar into the proximity with the golden haired man of porn.

Wrangler was visiting friends in town - Columbus has long been the gay mecca of the midwest - I was introduced and entranced.  While he didn't drink, he bought me and the guy who had brought me to the bar a beer, smiled, and I was his for a single moment, and nothing more.  But oh, what a moment.  I thanked him, he winked, and I was mush.

I found out that he had died when I was at work, and I sat stunned.  After a couple minutes I wiped away my tears and thought myself silly for a second.  But then again, how do you say goodbye to the first fantasy that you wanted to jump off the screen and pick you up and take you to his bed?   He was a good man in those few seconds with me, and he left me with fantasies for years later.  I still keep the first picture of him I ever saw - jeans in hands, dirty jock, shirtless and that look of desire that lit my heart right up.

So for being the FIRST person to guess correctly, a big congratulations goes to FELIX for guessing and guessing correctly.


  1. What a nice memory! I didn't enter this one, as I guessed who I thought it was (and turned out to be right). I met Mr. W. (with his Mrs.) a couple of times in my Manhattan cabaret-ing days. He and Margaret Whiting were an eccentric couple but to all appearances a very happy one, and he was always a charmer. Short, like so many in the showbiz, but very dapper. It was always hard to reconcile him with all the lovely, filthy things I'd seen him do...

  2. I never get these things right, YAY! I feel like there should be a crown or a sash or an accujac or something.......

    1. Actually, as it HAS been pointed to me by another visitor, you "really did get it wrong." "Technically" (those are air quotes), the correct answer was Robert Stillman Jr., since at the time of the photo he hadn't created "Jack Wrangler" yet. Jeez. Picky picky people. STill, I think I know what to award you with...


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