Thursday, August 1, 2013

Is it really just coincidence, my dear Peenee?

Who knows who is in these suits, but I can guarantee that it is not Cookie, or the Husband

At last I can confess: Mr. Peenee is coming to town.

All y'all don't know how hard its been for me to keep the news to myself, but I have.  I have wanted to tell you, but I haven't.  But now I have to spill the beans.

Peenee and the one and only Secret Agent Fred - think of them as the non-porn team of Bat Dude and Throbbin - are coming to Baltimore to get some things done.  In the process, I, that is me, Cookie, will be at their service.

But I find it odd that they chose THIS weekend of all weekends to come to Charm City.

And then it dawned on us whilst reading the shabby thing that passes as the Convention Center Marquee.

BRONYCON is here tomorrow.

And Peenee and Secret Agent Fred will be here, too.

At first I thought, no; this cannot be.  Its just coincidence.  The roll of the dice.

THEN, it was announced that Diane von Austinburg would be in town at the same time.

Well, I can put 1 and 1 and 1 together as well as the next person and come up with 111, no?

YES!  It was planned!

So what is Bronycon?

Bronycon is a convention of teenage to young adult males (into their 30s) who love, neigh, NEIGH, worship My Pretty Pony.

A Brony, flanked by his associates.
You read me right.

Men who get into My Pretty Pony.

Really Dude?  And in 40 years from now when you are being confirmed to Chair the
Federal Reserve are going to explain THIS at your Senate Confirmation Hearing?

This is just like Comic-Con, but without the diversity of various life forms, because EVERYTHING is My FREAKING Pretty Pony.

According to the web site, this is third or fourth year, and each year it keeps growing. Last year attendance shot from a couple hundred in its first year to 4,000.  And for this event they are expecting 6,000 people for the nightly entertainment events.  Thats 6,000 teenage males and guys into their thirties getting high and all My Pretty Pony on the moment.  Can there be that many men who get turned on by my Pretty Pony?

Of course, Mr. Peenee, Secret Agent Fred and Diane won't be in that mob of hormones galloping amuk.

Oh, goodness, no!

But they'll be watching, observing and taking notes.  And who could blame them. Wouldn't you? Why am I even asking you when we know what the answer is: of course you would.  And I bet that they'll also be cheering these Bronies on to be the most Perfect Bronies that they can be.   Why even Kabuki Zero would be here if he could, encouraging these bronies to "Run, Play and BE FREE!"

And I will do my best to see to it that there is film to record this moment in history when Peenee meets Brony.  


  1. just when i thought i'd heard it all. lord.

    as for your company, how fabulous is this?
    y'all have a ball....hope you can keep up with them!

    1. We plan on taking them into our bosom. I hope I can keep up with them as well.

  2. A film, you say?

    Do you need extras?

  3. Time with Peenee is good time indeed! Though I didn't get Super Agent Fred or lucky boys!