Saturday, August 10, 2013

Creamy + Dried Beef + Mold = I am going to be sick

This has been floating around social media the last day or so.  I thought it had come from the Onion, but it was just Betty Crocker trying to put a new spin on Shit on a Shingle.

There is not one thing in this that I would ever think of combining and then serving to a human.

But what bothers me is the idea that the words "Creamy" "Dried Beef" and "Mold" could be used together in a recipe that wasn't from Mad Magazine.


  1. Looks almost as good as Spam Dip..!

  2. The rules of gelatin molds, per Mother Muscato:

    - if it's plain, it's dessert;

    - if it has fruit or vegetables in it, it's a salad;

    - if it has meat or fish in it, it's a main course;

    - if it has tomato juice in it, it becomes aspic, the most elegant of all luncheon dishes;

    - if it has Cool Whip in it, it's common as mud and probably came from the not-too-clean kitchen of that trashy Elaine McPherson, the shame of the South Shore bridge club. She can't bid worth a damn, either.