Friday, October 19, 2012


So, we made it through yesterday.  The inspection is done BUT hubby can't get his plates until the credit union sends out his Ohio title.  Auto Registratious Interuptus, you could say.

We learned this from "May I help you?  My Name Muriel" , who works at Tuggle's Tags.  In Maryland you can either wait it out at the MVA and have a state employee abuse you while they are inputting your information, or you can go to a tag agency and pay a "tax" of $50 and enjoy no waiting lines.

It was Murial who said "Well, I dunno...let me see...what state you from?  OH-Hya?  Yeah, let me see.  Let me see, let me see. Let. Me See.  Yes, we can do this. Uh huh?  Yes.

At the end of the "let me sees" and the "Yes we can do this" we discovered that no, we can't do it.

Muriel can't do it because she needs "I need the, hold on.  I need the actual... I need the actual... I need the actual ti- hold on here, yeah.  I can't do anything until you get the actual title from the lien holder."

So he pulls out his phone and starts to dial and "May I help you?  My Name Muriel" says "Sir.  Sir. Sir. Sir.  You can't use that he-year.  You got to go outside and use that there smart phone thingy.  No cellphones  no smart phones.  Only my phone."

Anyway we ordered the actual title, and that'll take a week.  Now what.

Husband announces that if can't get his plates, then we are going to buy a gas log for the fireplace.  Kinda random, but off we go.

So we go to Home Depot.  "Online only, sir."

So we go to Lowe's. They have crap.

And then we end up at Walker's "Patio and Hearth" and it looked expensive.

And it was.

Husband says we need a gas insert and "Debi" takes us over to the wall of fireplaces, sits us down in leather recliners that massage and vibrate and she starts the show.  Suddenly, the wall of fireplaces looks like Atlanta in the burning sequence from Gone with The Wind.

Debi does her spiel and I'm getting relaxed in the chair and the husband likes the one on the right.  When Debi tells me it comes with a remote, I'm good too.  Fire.  Remote. Leather massaging recliner, its all good.

And how much is this?

Four thousand dollars.

Say WHAT?  For ceramic logs?  I start to hyperventilate.

Oh, says Debi.  "You only want a gas fireplace?  These are fire place inserts.  Gas logs are a different department."

That's in a different room.  No recliners.  No multi-media presentation.  No jazzy names.

But the logs look nice.

And how much is this?



We left with a set - American Chestnut with the "Ambi-Burn" system.  Glowing embers are extra.

But seriously - $1,100???  And no vibrating chair?

These had better be some great ass logs.

The Stone's sang that you don't always get what you need, sometimes you get what you need.  And Mother Karma evidently thinks that gas logs are more important that license plates.


  1. when you gonna change the name of this joint?

  2. Honey, the day I pay $1,100 for a log it had better be attached to a muscular Italian.

  3. At the exact moment I read "recliners that massage and vibrate" an earthquake started to shake the chair that I was sitting in. Spooky timing.

    Aside to normadesmond: You can take the boy out of Ohio, but you can't take the Ohio out of the boy. You get the Art Modell award.

  4. The Rolling Stones also sang, "It's a Gas! Gas! Gas!"

  5. It seems like the east coast is infinitely more complicated than anything I ever dealt with in Toledo or Columbus. Hope you're hanging in there though.

    1. Funny thing is that it's only more complex when it comes to cars. A neighbor who works for the Maryland agency that provides Emergency Management Servces said that it all goes back to 9/11. The thinking is that they want to more surely vet whoever applies for Maryland plates as a first line against terrorism. And taxes. They want you to pay your taxes.

    2. But yeah, in Ohio, the only qualification for getting a drivers license is if you are breathing and 16 years of age.

  6. Your post recalled a memory for me that is so vivid I wrote a post of my own on my Nourish blog about it. It is pretty sentimental, so you may regret the acknowledgement, but I thought you should know you can be an inspiration. :)

  7. You are going to laugh. Or, perhaps not.

    I felt greedy and pushy adding a link, so I just put the name figuring if you were interested you would look without feeling obligated. It didn't occur to me that it would actually make things simple for you.

    Unfortunately I really do think in circles like that, even after years of therapy.

    At any rate it is if anyone feels like taking a look-see.